cartridge heaters | mcmaster-carr

Cartridge Heaters | McMaster-Carr

Also known as cartridge heaters, insertion heaters install into drilled and reamed holes in metal parts for quick heating through direct contact. Insertion Heaters with Internal Temperature Sensor for

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cartridge heaters - tempco

Cartridge Heaters - Tempco

Cartridge Heaters are typically inserted into drilled holes to heat platens and molds or used as liquid immersion heaters. Common Applications. Aerospace.

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cartridge heaters | tutco

Cartridge Heaters | Tutco

Cartridge Heaters. Tutco Cartridge heaters are high-temperature heating elements providing excellent heat transfer efficiency and a watt density up to 100 W/in 2. Two cartridge heater styles are offered. The Hi-Temp is an extremely durable cartridge heater manufactured with a swaging process and used where high operating temperatures are required.

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cartridge heaters - wattco

Cartridge Heaters - Wattco

Cartridge heaters are used for heating metal parts and can also be fitted with threaded bushings for liquid heating for certain applications. Cartridge heaters will reach metal temperatures of up to 1,400ºF (760ºC) with the appropriate material, watt density, and fit selections (see Figure 2 …

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watlow high temperature cartridge heaters for simple and

Watlow High Temperature Cartridge Heaters for Simple and

The high temperature cartridge heater utilizes the same industry-leading design principles used on all of Watlow's FIREROD heater products. The Watlow FIREROD cartridge heaters are specially designed for high-temperature platen applications up to 1600°F (871°C).

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cartridge heaters - us heat - lowest prices on heaters

Cartridge Heaters - US Heat - Lowest Prices on Heaters

61 rows · A cartridge heater is an ideal tool when used in heat transfer and induction. While they can …

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california cartridge heater manufacturers | iqs

California Cartridge Heater Manufacturers | IQS

Cartridge Heaters. IQS Directory provides an extensive list of cartridge heater manufacturers and suppliers in California. Utilize our website to review and source cartridge heater manufacturers with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate cartridge heater companies that will design, engineer, and manufacture cartridge heaters for your exact specifications.

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cartridge heaters | thermal corporation | made in the usa

Cartridge Heaters | Thermal Corporation | Made in the USA

May 21, 2014 · Cartridge heaters by Thermal Corporation are high temperature swaged units manufactured with magnesium oxide insulation. Every cartridge heater by Thermal Corporation is a premium quality unit with an incoloy sheath which offers a higher temperature rating and higher resistance to chemical corrosion.

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cartridge heater

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heaters Maxiwatt LLC 11965 SW 142 TERRACE UNIT #111 33186 Miami USA Phone: +1 866-MAXIWAT Fax: +1 305-7285288 Whatsapp: +1 786-2229527. Name * Email * Please enter a valid email address. Phone. Message * I …

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cartridge heaters - bcemfg

Cartridge Heaters - bcemfg

Cartridge Heaters - A California based manufacturer's representative, value added component integrator, distributor of control valves, and instruments to monitor the pressure, temperature, level and flow of liquids, gases, and steam for industry.

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